A sentimental and gently humorous romantic

comedy, the film was created and developed

by award winning filmmaker Penny Moore.

‘Trust Frank’ is a 15 minute short film for domestic and international festival release.


Melbourne actor and film icon John Flaus is fully committed to playing the lead role of Frank and well known Australian actress Brenda Palmer has confirmed her interest to perform opposite him in the role of Rose.


With a professional and experienced crew attached to the project, ‘Trust Frank’ will be a high end production delivering cinema quality images to the big screen.


A promotional video has been completed introducing the lead character of Frank, as a proof of concept for the film and demonstrates the high end production values that will be achieved.


A strong social media campaign will support the project. In addition to the website, 'Trust Frank' has Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Our Facebook page has gained some traction with over 15k views at this early stage of development. Without any active promotion we have organically grown this audience and our posts are engaging an average of 1,200 - 1,500 people per week.


The film will go into production in early 2019 and will be shot entirely in Melbourne, Victoria.


Post Production will take 3 months and the film will be released on the festival circuit by mid 2019.


A beautiful Aussie tale, with a professional cast, high production values and universal themes, ‘Trust Frank’ will appeal to audiences at home in Australia and around the globe.

Location Photo: Frank's House

Melbourne. Victoria




“Trust Frank” is a sentimental and gently humorous romantic comedy about two aging neighbours who are struggling to battle serious infirmities as they age.


Neighbours for many years, Frank (84) and Rose (76) share a mutual distain for each other and have made a sport out of swapping barbed comments over the fence.

Frank is a bawdy, Vietnam veteran with lung cancer who has given up the fight for life. Rose is a fastidious, well educated, spinster with dementia and her tight grip on reality is starting to fail her.

When Rose has a bad dementia episode in public and latches onto Frank the walls come crashing down between them and a friendship develops. Rose encourages Frank to fight cancer and Frank assists Rose to live at home unassisted.

Together they find the strength and determination to go on living, but in the process of letting down their guard, they form a deep bond, proving it's never too late to find love.


A Short Film by Penny Moore



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Actor's & Crew on set filming the "Trust Frank" Promo. Shot at the Railway Hotel, South Melbourne, Victoria.


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